Automatic Delivery

VEO Energy Systems Automatic Fuel Delivery…It’s free and easy!

Choosing automatic fuel delivery is a service that VEO Energy Systems has been reliably providing for decades. Automatic delivery creates true peace of mind for your family or business.

Watching your fuel gauge or monitoring your underground storage tank can be a hassle and if you forget to check, you may even run out of fuel. Running out of fuel is never convenient and beside calling for an emergency delivery, you also have to contend with delivery charges for after hour or off route deliveries. The fact that your heating system and plumbing may be susceptible to damage due to extreme temperatures is another concern.

There are two classifications of automatic delivery. The “Degree-Day Method” and “Period Delivery”.

The Degree Day Method is the most common way to ensure automatic delivery. Our computer system software accurately calculates your fuel usage and forecasts a delivery based on a mathematical calculation that accounts for temperature, days between deliveries and your specific usage rate. This system also accounts for hot water usage if your water is heated by Bioheat® fuel oil or kerosene.

Period delivery is used when a customer’s heat and hot water demands are harder to calculate. Maybe you have frequent guests, children that are home from college or you operate a business that has more foot traffic during the holidays. There are many factors that may cause VEO Energy Systems to place an automatic delivery customer on a period delivery status. This method is simply a set amount of days between each delivery. For example, VEO Energy Systems will deliver to your house every twenty-one days during the heating season regardless of the outdoor temperature. The set days between deliveries will be adjusted to suit your individual needs and adjusted for the non heating months automatically.

Some people believe that an fuel company will wait to deliver when fuel prices are high. This is a myth that would be a monumental task for an fuel dealer to accomplish. First, a fuel company has many different types of customers with various tank sizes and varying usage rates. Second, a fuel company would only be able to control a delivery via price for one delivery. After that, the customer would need a delivery when they need a delivery regardless of the price. The same argument can be made for customers who choose to call for deliveries because they think they can control the price. You will only be able to control the price for one delivery. After that, you will need fuel when you need it! The truth of the matter is that no one can predict the daily fluctuations of the price of heating fuels, and trying to determine delivery schedules based on market spikes would not be cost effective.

If price spikes and market fluctuations are a concern, please contact a customer service representative to enroll in a price protection or budget plan.

Regardless of whether deliveries are calculated by degree days or period delivery, the bottom line is that you can count on VEO Energy Systems to ensure quality automatic fuel deliveries with 24 hour priority service. Worry free, we will keep you supplied with home Bioheat heating fuel oil! The service is free and it is easy to sign up.

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