Marc S.

November 5, 2013

Dear Eli,

About 2 weeks ago, I discovered a slight puddle of oil underneath the tank. I notified your company and a short time later, your Service Dept. Supervisor Patrick responded to my location. I explained the problem, and offered the theory that the leak might be from the oil feed line to the boiler. Upon getting under the boiler, Patrick gave me the bad news–the leak was from the tank itself!

From the moment the diagnosis was made, the actions of Patrick and the rest of your service team was immediate and commendable.

That same afternoon Patrick and Roger carefully maneuvered the tank out of the closet, without having to remove a wall, as I feared they might have to. They then installed the new tank with ease, again without any collateral damage. Roger hooked up a temporary line, and returned to ensure I would not be left without oil until the permanent hookup was made.

Roger and Jason returned and completed the job. During each step, I greatly benefited from all of their great knowledge, so that not the smallest detail was forgotten.In addition, it was all done with the greatest degree of true workmanship and cleanliness, AND courtesy! Having been a longtime customer of your company, all this is not unusual to expect from your staff, but it is VERY unusual to expect at all in today’s environment of greed, discourtesy, and general apathy.

This message is to express my appreciation, and kudos to your staff and to YOU for encouraging such professionalism. These guys are KEEPERS. Thank you!