Premium Wood Pellets

Keeping You Warm on the Home Front

VEO Energy Systems sells premium wood pellets by the ton or bag. VEO offers free delivery within ten miles of Monticello, N.Y..Made with a premium hardwood blend, our pellets offer exceptional comfort, warmth and efficiency for your dollar.

Superior Quality and Performance!

Our pellets exceed the Pellet Fuels Institute specifications for premium-grade wood pellets:

Premium Hardwood Blend • Clean Burning • High Heat • Low Carbon/Low Ash • Made in the USA

  • Ash: 0.4%-0.6%
  • Moisture: 3%-5%
  • BTU/Pound: 7900-8300 (at 3% moisture)
  • Bulk Density: > 40 lbs per cubic foot

All Pellets Are Not Created Equal

With a burn rate of 90%+ efficiency with each bag, Warm Front premium wood pellets produce superior heat because these pellets contain a custom blend of clean wood materials. By choosing these optimum ratios, the manufacturer created a premium burn with high BTU’s, and that translates to more comfort and affordability for heating your home.

Better For The Environment

Wood pellets are one of the cleanest renewable energy sources. Heating your home with Warm Front premium wood pellets releases roughly the same amount of CO2 that wood releases during it’s natural decaying process. The low carbon emissions, combined with low ash output, result in a clean, environmentally friendly source of fuel.

Low Ash, Low Maintenance

These pellets work hard, so you don’t have to. Warm Front premium wood pellets produce as little as three ounces of ash a day in a typical houshold use! Now you can spend less time cleaning your stove and more time enjoying it.

Keeping It Local

When you buy Warm Front premium wood pellets, you’re suporting your local economy. Unlike many of the pellet brands on the market today, Warm Front is an authentic local pellet manufacturer. All of the source materials are collected from local mills and manufactured right here at a facility in Deposit, N.Y.

Pure Wood For Pure Heat

Warm Front wood pellet fuel is a premium hardwood blend of all-natural, 100% wood with no glue or additives. What’s more, the wood biomass never comes in contact with the ground, ensuring a dirt-free source of materials.

Quality Assurance

Warm Front takes every step possible to ensure a superior quality pellet. Quality control laboratories are maintained at the manufacturing facility. We stand behind the product and we’re 100% confident you’ll love these pellets as much as we do!